How to get a ceramic look on polymer clay

I am certainly no expert on any polymer clay techniques, but I love to try new things. The only problem is that I hate to run to the store for supplies. I always try to find some alternative in the items I already have on hand.

I recently came across a you tube video, and I’m very sorry I didn’t flag it for future viewing,( I also didn’t watch the entire thing) but the gist of the video was using liquid polymer clay to create a look of a fired ceramic piece. Usually I just get a small idea like this and something clicks in my brain. An ah-ah kind of moment.

I recently purchased a bottle of floor wax because of another video I stumbled upon, that said the floor wax was compatible with the polymer clay and also gives it a nice finish. Well my first thought was that it was a liquid and that I could mix it with acrylic paint (which I have also used on polymer clay and it seems to be fine) and use that in the same manner as the liquid polymer.

Here is my result.


I used a rubber stamp and made a really good impression on white polymer clay. This photo shows how it looked after baking.


When I was sanding it, the color came off the raised ares but stayed in the crevices. The red seemed to stain the clay a little more but the more you sand the more you take away. I’m not saying it’s perfect or that it would be mistaken for ceramic, I’m not all that familiar with ceramic, but I think it gives it a neat look without investing in a lot of different products.

I’m all about saving money and finding interesting ways to manipulate the clay.


On these beads I actually used eyeshadow. When I first saw this technique they were using pigment powder. Pigment powder is quite pricey, especially if you want a lot of color choices. I figured, eyeshadow is pigment so why not. I went to the dollar store and picked up a bunch of colored eyeshadow and this is the result. You have to put it on the clay before you bake it and different colors show up better than others but you can also just lend a shimmer to your pieces with a little brush of color.


These are beads I did a long time ago, I mixed different shade into white clay and got a sparkly mottled look. Its quite cool.

.Recently Updated

These I just did with watered down acrylic paint. The possibilities are endless. Just don’t rush out and buy something because its the latest rage. You may have something in you cupboard or medicine cabinet that will work just fine.

My next post i”ll show you how I find my textures. When I don’t want to purchase them that is.


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